"Boilie-Benz"- Boiliemachines are justified to designate the CE - Indication in Category 1 of European Standard - the rolls are suitable for forming most Foods

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Welcome to "Boilie-Benz" 

a website about equipment for an easy boilieproduction, ball-production, making of meatballs and processing many other different pastes  


On the following pages you will find a very large and unique selection of boilie-machines and boilieguns.                                                                                        A real paradise for those of you, who want to produce boilies of their own.

Please look at our wide range of products, you will find many interesting devices for your home-boilieproduction - and also for a professional boilieproduction !

We can offer several different kinds of boiliemachines:


1,) "Kugel-Benz" Boiliemachines :


2.) The Boilie-Benz "All-Eater" : 


3.) The "Profi-Kugel-Benz" :


4.) The "Brix-Benz" Schalenroller : 


5.) Our best Boiliemachines :     



Further "Special Boiliemachines" are to see in a seperate column ...

In addition we can offer several different sizes of boilieguns, two conveyor-belts and many other devices for a convenient boilieproduction.

                 Areas of Application :

During the last years we have supplied many customers all around the world.

Most of them are using our boiliemachines to produce boilies, but others also make different food-stuffs, some produce various decorations of ceramics or ornaments, others dog-foods or cat-food (the university in oldenburg is even producing mice-food in 3mm for training their mice !), some produce cakes or chocolate-balls, some lollipops, others meat-balls, soup-dumplings and so on ...

        If your paste is compatible nearly everything is possible !

                                  We┬┤re  looking forward hearing from you !             

                                      Helmut Benz